Mindful Leadership - A Stress Management Experience



Date: (open)

Time: (2 hrs)

Location: (open)


Chau Yoder of High Spirits will lead participants through a discussion and lesson of techniques and exercises to help you feel better, to have more energy and manage your stress and health. 


Take a leadership role in managing your health and overall wellness.


Session will cover the following techniques:


·Deep breathing; breathing with awareness

·Meditation (sitting, standing, and walking)

·Chi Gung (Chi Kung or Chi Gong)*

·Muscle Tension and Release

·Self Massage



Workshop Principles


·Be in the moment

·Mind, body and spirit are one

·Have a healthy and balanced life

·Love and appreciate yourself to appreciate others

·Commit to take care of yourself

·Be of service to others

·Practice 21 days straight to build new habits


* Chi Gung is an ancient Chinese technique that means “working on one’s energy flow”.  We will experience various Chi Gung exercises, focusing on awareness and health improvement, which may  include one of the following exercises:

·                                             Movements with awarness, or

·                                             The 9 breathing with awareness movements, or

·                                             The 16 health-stick exercises, or

·                                             The five-steps of Chi Gung exercises:

1.                                                        Meditation

2.                                                        Cleansing your body

3.                                                        Cleansing your chi (life energy)

4.                                                        Circulating your chi

5.                                                        Removing remaining stagnation