Last updated: Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Bell for Compassion

Here I can address in writing selected topics using lessons I also teach in my classes. My primary aim is creation of more compassion for us all. If you have an inquiry regarding compassion, Buddhism, and related topics in your life please feel free to contact me; by email is best.


My little book: The Bell of Compassion (PDF file)


Stories and related thoughts...

If I hold a cup of clean, clear water in my hand and look at it, we can observe many lessons. Is the cup half full or half empty, is there enough room in the cup for more water just as I must have enough room in my thinking for new ideas, and is the water cloudy or clear?  Is my mind cloudy or clear?

Following is an observation about stress relating to the cup of water in my hand.

If I hold the cup of water for 5-10 minutes it is no problem, if I hold it for 10 hours I might become tired and drop it, if I hold it for a week or a month, I will collapse long before the time is completed. The same is true with my stresses and concerns; I must set aside those mental things I carry before I can move on. These things may also be from work, school, children,  parents, our spouse or other things we all know for ourselves.  If not, I will carry these things with me; I will be constantly distracted and not able to put 100% of my attention toward any project or activity. We can also observe that the longer I carry the burden the heavier the burden becomes; the sooner I set it aside the less it troubles my thinking.

This is stress. This is anxiety. This is depression. It is the opposite of mindful behavior.


Now drink the water.


In the Star Wars movies....

Anakin transforms into Darth Vader as a direct result of his attachment to his wife, Padma. This is the observation of Master Yoda. This is frequently a difficult part of reality for us all; facing the knowledge of the certain loss of loved ones.


Here on Earth....

Be in the present, be aware of what is happening around you right now.
Slowly look around you, be happy and grateful for this very moment, enjoy your life, enjoy being alive.
Breathe - it is always going in and out, chest and stomach are expanding and shrinking. It is pleasant and relaxing just to notice this.
Be aware of your breathing and relax your forehead, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, back, stomach, legs, feet - all of it, insides and outsides, top to bottom and back to front.

Enjoy being still, just for this moment.