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P.O.M. Bottle
(Peace of Mind)



Before and After Sitting








bulletA clear glass or plastic bottle (whatever size you choose)
bulletWater (enough to fill up about 2/3 of the bottle)
bulletSome rocks all sizes, all colors (ugly or pretty) ˝ of bottle
bulletDirt or fine sand (small amount like 1 teaspoon)




1.     Enjoy your quiet time: Sit upright and stable (keep your spine and head as straight as possible).

2.     Breathe in and out; follow your in-breath and out-breath all the way through. Do this at least for one minute (about 9 sets of in and out breaths.)

3.     Pick up bottle, look at it. See that bottle represents you. Fill the bottle with water about 2/3 full. Examine the bottle with water; see that the bottle still represents you. Breathe and see how clear you (the bottle with water) are. See your pure awakened nature. It is pure, clear and calm.

4.     Examine your feelings at that moment. Pick up a rock, examine the rock, name your rock with a feeling, and use the rock to represent your feeling. Such as Rock of Gratitude, Rock of Anxiety, Rock of Fear…Breathe and put the rock in the bottle. Big or small, pretty or ugly, your choice. One by one, pick up more rocks and continue to examine your feelings and just name the rocks with your positive and negative emotions, and put them in your bottle.

5.     Look at the dirt and see it as some life experiences that have created suffering in your life. This in turn may create worry about your future or regret about your past. Pour some of this dirt in your bottle and see the water cloud up.

6.     Sit and breathe peacefully; watch the cloudy water settle, as you settle yourself.


In / Out

Deep / Slow

Calm / Ease

Smile / Release

Present Moment / Wonderful Moment




Save your P.O.M. bottle. When feel disturbed, shake the bottle once and follow Action 6.

Otherwise, shake the bottle once each morning and evening and follow Action 6.



©             From the teaching of Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh


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