Start breathing





And yet other participants were interested in how to prevent health problems, deal with over-scheduling, de-stress during interviews, stay calm during hectic times and deal with people who create stress. And some attendees just wanted to learn stress-reduction techniques and to know how much stress is healthy.  




  Before the exercises, Yoder talked about principles of being a more relaxed you — what’s called “mindful leadership.” Doing just one or two of the exercises a day for 21 days will reduce stress. Stress, says Yoder, is a physiological reaction.  
  Those who attended Chau Yoder’s workshop were first asked about their expectations. Some participants wanted to learn how not to metaphorically “kick the dog” or take out their frustrations on others.
With a calm mind, your perspective can change. “Whenever we’re suffering, we haven’t seen the issue from the right angle yet,” Yoder says. “Learn how to see things half-full, not half-empty.”   First, become aware of your body. To do so, sit down, close your eyes and relax. Breathe in. Breathe out. That’s the basis, believe it or not. Breathing in and out slowly and steadily quiets the mind and body.

Date last edited: 11/29/2006