Start breathing






The key to stress reduction is recognizing when stress is affecting your body. You’re in a meeting and your shoulders get tense, your breathing becomes shallow, and your mind starts racing. Slow and deepen your breathing, focusing on letting your shoulders relax. You’ll be able to refocus on the meeting and remain calm. If you’re stuck standing, slightly bend your knees to ease tension in your back and shoulders. Again, steady breathing will prevent stress


If your mind, body and spirit are one, then you can live as a whole and balanced person. And if you live with integrity and compassion, you can respect diversity and have harmony and peace of mind. Yoder told participants to live in the present, because thinking about things that out of your control causes fear and stress.  
Yoder said that mindful leadership is “to be the leader of the self.”  If you are aware of self —body, thoughts and feelings and actions — then you can find clear, creative and innovative solutions.  The result is that others will follow.